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Hi everyone, welcome to Room 4's class page! We hope you enjoy reading about what we've been doing this session with our teachers, Mrs McNab and Mrs Shields. We will be using this room, during this session, for some of our planned learning activities.
No one class will be based here so don't worry if you don't see the usual range of curricular areas being added to the page!

Mrs McNab and Mrs Shields
Latest News (26.6.18)
Room 4 Enterprise June 2018
The children in Room 4 P2/3 took part in an enterprise topic during June 2018. They learned about different jobs involved in running a business enterprise and the roles played in making it a success. In co-operative learning groups the children participated in decision making, considering the different options available to them.
Their decision to open a shop selling second hand books, toys and games was established and a name was chosen – “Room 4’s Marvellous Shop”. The shop had it’s grand opening on Monday 25th of June.
The children all brought in items from home and began to sort and price the individual items.
A work rota was made to establish who would be on each ‘shift’!
The children made a grand total of £166.75
The decided to spend some of their profits on a Harris McCoo painting by the Scottish artist Steven Brown. This was chosen as the children have a love for Steven’s art, following on from an interdisciplinary topic, showcased at their assembly on June 8th 2018.
The children hope that everyone will enjoy looking at Harris McCoo!
The rest of the money was spent on a class treat and some was given to the Tea-pot Trust charity. This charity provides art therapy for chronically ill children.

In Literacy this term the children will continue to learn to spell, using a variety of methods such as say, make, break, elkonin boxes and a variety of fun spelling activities. In writing, the children will be learning how to write a persuasive piece and an explanation.
In Numeracy we will continue to learn our times tables facts, linking these with division. We also will be learning how to complete a coin multiplication card. The children will also be learning about money, through the context of our enterprise topic.
In P.E Mrs Gibson will continue to teach fitness, building on strength, stamina and co-ordination skills. This will be done by using the school Trim Trail and by a variety of games played outdoors (weather permitting).
In Health and Well-being, the children are continuing to make healthy choices, such as bringing in healthy snacks. Well done, Room 4! This term we will also learn about achieving, as part of our SHANARRI.

Term 4 in PE will be focussing on athletics and learning about the different athletic components and actions of running, jumping and throwing.  The children will be learning how to use their lead leg for gaining a stride pattern whilst jumping over hurdles and also how to gain distance whilst throwing objects from a standing position.  Please note for the safety of all pupils it is important that your child has secure fitting, non-slippery indoor shoes and removes all jewellery for these sessions.  Loose and/or long hair should also be tied back.  

Expressive Arts
In preparation for our class assembly we will be working on a short drama piece, various songs in music and design in art.


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